Surprise Delivery

A poetry surprise is where you simply leave a poem somewhere for a stranger to find or you give it to them directly. Last year, Annie Hex, with kickstarter funding, went on tour and gifted 300 of her love poems on roses to strangers from Batavia, IL to NYC to Providence, Boston, Buffalo, & everywhere in between. She is a guerrilla poet and continually leaves her poetry for people to find in the most unexpected places whether that be on a bus stop, gratified in sharpie on a bathroom stall, or left in a coffee shop. Annie believes poetry should be shared openly. Get it out of your diary and to folks who it could help on a deep emotional level. Human to human. Poetry surprise after poetry surprise. You can hire her and she will surprise someone with a bouquet of her rose poems in the chicagoland area. 

So many of you shopping are folks I see all the time, so if I don't have to ship to you enter the discount code: "FREESHIPPINGFRIEND" and we shall meet up for coffee and I'll deliver your order to you when I see you instead! 

Forget pizza! Consider me a poetry deliver girl. Just let me know where to meet you. This is only for folks in the Chicagoland Area: the west burbs and the city of Chicago. Just let me know in the notesbox where to meet you or enter your phone number & we'll make a plan.