Surprise Bouquet of Rose Love Poems


This is a fun one. Get this, Miss Hex will surprise your loved one with a bouquet of her love poems on real roses. YES THEY'RE REAL AND THEY'RE SPECTACULAR. She will travel anywhere in the chicagoland area to get these rose poems to your loved one and she'll hand deliver them.

Imagine- she goes into your friend or loved one's workplace with a bouquet of rose poems to surprise them around Valentine's Day. She can customize each love poem with a personalized note from you or you can let her run wild and she'll intuitively write what needs to be said on the back of each poem.

12 love poems, 12 roses paying homage to her Tour of Joy (January 2019 - March 2019) where she traveled the country surprising strangers with her poetry tied to roses with pretty ribbon. The surprise of poetry, shipping, i.e. gas money is factored into the cost of this item. Chicagoland only, unless you fly her out to the city of your choice. She loves an adventure.