Stop. Breathe. Repeat. By Eric Peter Schwartz

$5.00 - $20.00

Stop. Breathe. Repeat. is the first of its kind from the hex poetry apothecary! We have a lyric zine created with the words of Eric Peter Schwartz published + curated by Annie Hex & her poetry apothecary. Annie arranged these special song lyrics, old pictures, and notes from Eric to bring you this diary-styled zine to give you a look into his world in the way only zines can. We have scented your book with orange citrus essential oil in honor of the debut piece in this zine, โ€œTangerines.โ€ May the smell of tangerines bring you back into your body, soothe you, and remind you of the brightness in your first loveโ€ฆ

Buy it in three ways! A print copy for $10, an emailed electronic copy of the zine for $5, or as a special package of SCHWARTZ TAKEOUT for $20. The Schwartz Takeout box includes a print lyric zine, a mystery bag, a digital download of a secret bandcamp album, & a perler bead key chain!