Potion Choker! 💖👽🔮💋


I love choker necklaces. They remind me of growing up in the early 00's, going to @clairesstores in the mall with my twin sis + our sweet friends. 💖🌈 I started making custom potion bottle chokers & they feel awesome on. Carry some extra magic with you everyday. Just tell me what you need + I'll make the potion necklace just for you or your bestie. 💖💫💌 dm to order. $12 each. 💖 typewritten poem inside each one of these beauties written custom for you with crystals, herbs, flowers, energy, and all kinds of other magic because you deserve it, love. 💖🔮💫💌 this one pictured above is made with intention of speaking your truth + being your loud unapologetic self! 👽🌈🔮💫 Anyway, sending y'all extra magic today. Hope you can channel you're inner 2000's babe today. Watch a dcom, go to mall, wear gems on your face + extra sparkles + rhinestones on everything. 💫💖💫💖💫👽💋

In the notes box, tell me what kind of potion you need! Spare no detail. 💖