my nipples and not apologizing for them by annie hex


"my nipples and not apologizing for them" is a story of womanhood & triumph. This is Annie Hex's one & only typewritten chapbook filled with wandering prose poems grounded in her authenticity as she navigates self discovery, self love, forgiveness, and city living as a 20-something up-and-coming artist. She leaves each typo and page tear exposed to send a strong message against overly editing yourself to the point where your true message is lost in translation. In this collection, she walks through and she walks on. Open your arms & let yourself move with her.

All of these poems were written at the end of 2016 right before trump was elected. They are all first drafts written on her typewriter and left unedited. Let your typos show along with every mistake you’ve ever made. Do this without apology because fearlessly, you can be both the hero and villain of your story all at once- but in the end, you are just so deeply human. So stop trying to cover it up- the world needs you to show up in it as the beautiful mess you became to survive everything it threw at you.

Excerpt from the first poem:

"I woke up with sharpie stains all over my sheets-

some metaphors are clearer than others &

this is all to say I am claiming what is mine.

mine. mine. mine."

Claim yours now. 💌