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Enjoy this zine of pocket love poems to enjoy during the apocalypse. These poems are very queer and very tender. May they give you some hope this quarantine as you imagine what love could be. ๐Ÿ’Œ

forgive your exes in dreams during quarantine.
heartbreak wonโ€™t help you survive the apocalypse.
itโ€™ll only prepare you for things not working out as planned over and over again. thank god it made you this resilient. donโ€™t forgive your exes for them, forgive them so you can cough up the ghosts they left in your chest and move around lighter. exhale your ex. they are heavy. fumigate the skeletons in your closet. wash them clean. call yourself out on your bullshit but then FORGIVE YOURSELF. you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. reprioritize love and all the things that make room for more of it. to survive the apocalypse, we must plant sunflowers & be generous with our love. so keep these poems in your jean jacket pocket and then pass them on to the next human who looks like they could use a little extra love from poems that inspire hope & remind them what it is to desire and dream- to get closer to the love you need and farther from the love youโ€™ve learned from. no one should brave this quarantine alone. so unquarantine your heart. let someone in again. even if itโ€™s just into a daydream or your dmโ€™s. the only way weโ€™re going to get through this is if we get as close as we possibly can: social distancing and all.

Annie Hex

p.s. find me on the internet. be my friend. @annie.hex