Lonely Middle Finger (For Frank) Vol. 1


This zine is a special creation curated by poets Annie Hex & Jen May. It started when Frank as a reaction to the election back in 2016 started this indie lit zine called Lonely Middle Finger. He was cutting magazines out in his living and making a collage for the cover. He was deeply creative, sensitive, and such a special human to us. It was stuff like this that made Frank eccentric & always deeply himself. A rebel poet. It wasn't until mid-february 2020, that a facebook memory popped up of him writing on Annie's facebook wall about this exact zine he was starting. The zine got filed away as he published books of haikus and books of his poetry instead- all which can be purchased here: http://www.cropcirclecollective.com/rutledge.htm

To honor him just after the one year anniversary of his passing, we decided to bring his idea to fruition. This zine includes rage poems from him, Annie, Jen, and their wonderful artist friends. It is meant as a book to be read in catharsis. As you read, let all your rage out of your body and send it to the stars to burn up, out and away and be free.

Lonely Middle Finger Vol. 1 includes the following works & pictures of each artists' middle finger:
Fuck this Billboard by Ellie Morris (@ellieeuphoria)
A Poem by Jamie Neely (@jamieleeneely)
Fuck you Mike Planterno by Angela Filippin (@lost.and.found.art)
June by Michelle Claypool (@michellewaycool)
An Ode by Michelle Claypool (@michellewaycool)
A Poem by Nahr alSuha (@jahanamtown)
A Mood by Rachel Kebe (@warmsandybeaches)
Diary fragments by Annie Hex (@annie.hex)
Stop. Breathe. Repeat. By Eric Peter Schwartz (@ericpschwartz)
Puddle by Ferris James (@fer__bear)
Shining Up the Suburban Family Myth by Frank Rutledge
Candyland by Annie Hex (@annie.hex)
This is America by Marissa Harris (@owl14)
A Collage for Frank by Annie Hex with Diane Lincoln's Painting "For the Loft" as a backdrop!
Marilyns by Tricia Marcella Cimera
Are you fucking serious? by Lynn Rue (@lynnthecatchwitch)
A Tweet Thread by The Profane Feminist (@profanefeminist)
Angry Woman by Jen May (@jenmaypoems)

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