Live Recordings by Annie Hex & Katie Bogle (Physical CD)


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Live Recordings
by Annie Hex & Katie Bogle

1. diary 06:45
2. fuck trump drinking song 06:58
3. piano love songs 08:54
4. canyon 05:36
5. "five past three" into "blue" 08:07
6. one day 05:28

In this chaotic world, Annie Hex and Katie Bogle were cosmically pulled into each others' orbits as artists. They just started playing live shows together this year and they plan on doing more IRL shows once we all come out of this apocalyptic-feeling quarantine. All these songs were recorded on Annie's phone. They wanted you to feel like you're in the room with them so they've left each song completely unedited so that even from far away in your house, you feel close.

released March 20, 2020

Your Spoken Word Poetess: Annie Hex (@annie.hex)
Guitarist and Singer / Songwriter: Katie Bogle (@kxboges)
Stunning Album Art Photograph: Michelle Claypool
*follow her on the gram: @michellewaycool*
Album Art Design: Katie Bogle (@kxboges)
note: annie just added a little glitter & an alien font. she's an aquarius.

Enjoy the ambiances in a few tracks from celebrity death match for PS2 & the audiences at the open mics at Bar Evolution in little ol' batavia, IL. <3

Everything was recorded raw and wild on Annie's galaxy android phone that was just left on window sills in each room to pick up all the sound.

Dear Listener,

Please come into the rooms with us as you listen. Thank you for being with us through the music especially during this quarantine when we can't be with one another physically.

We love you.

Annie & Katie

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