Lavender: A Love Letter by Annie Hex


Lavender: A Love Letter is the first chapbook in Annie Hex's floral collection.

She will release 2 more poetry collections named after herbs and flowers. Each herb will make up an herbal tea blend that you can drink while you read her poetry. This will be available for purchase on the site after every book in the collection is released by Fall of 2020.

She creates poetry experiences. So smell this book. It’s misted in her handmade lavender perfume and smells like Annie’s grandma by a happy accident. Each book comes with a dried lavender flower bookmark and comes tied with a pretty bow. The books are handmade, printed and bound with purple staples by the witch herself.

As for the poetry within, they are written in shades of purple. They explore the rash that is womanhood: overcoming trauma and grief and being haunted by heartbreak. Each poem is a radical retelling of Annie Hex's story- of all the things that make her who she is. This is a book of forgiveness, of laying your weapons down. Annie writes herself not just as the hero but human and villain too. These poems are intimate, more vulnerable, showing a softer, more tender side of Miss Hex. They explore the way sexual assault in college leaves you feeling this "filth beyond repair" as a survivor and the poems are curated in a way that will leave you feeling cleaner at the end of it all.

Poems rated pg-13 at least. Content warning of colorful language, mentions of sexual assault, abuse, loss of loved ones, queerness, ptsd, and sexually liberating yourself as a fat femme amidst it all. Physical copies are scented of Lavender but can come unscented for those with sensory sensitivities!

Crush the lavender flower bookmark in between your fingertips when you are stressed. Use it as a bookmark or sleep with it under your pillow.

remember, "love is in makeup stained pillow cases-
in the times we are witnessed whole and holy
with everything that stained us."

The book is dedicated to the late Frank Rutledge & tells stories of who he was to miss hex. Read his work here:

About the Artist:
Annie Hex is an improvisational spoken word artist and witch. She opened the Hex Poetry Apothecary in an effort to get what she calls her poetry experiences into the hands of those who need them most. Each experience focuses on crafting the environment in which you experience poetry whether the books come smelling of lavender or come with a bath bomb and should be read with wine in the bathtub. Every detail matters. Setting is everything. Cozy up- this is going to be a good one.

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