The Latest Feminist Pin Batch


Wear your politics loud + pick out some of these kickass radical pins for yourself + your besties! They're $3 each + look awesome on jean jackets and tote bags. 💖💖💖

Pins here say the following:
💖 "too gay to function"
💖 "die sexist scum"
💖 "radical feminist witch"
💖 "out, proud, and never going back into the closet"
💖 "cottagecore dream girl"
💖 "in another universe, you're at the mall with your crush.
you have $20, a pretzel, and a slushie. life is good."
💖 "stop dating men who only read male authors."
💖 "give you money to womxn"

Want some custom pins? Text Annie on her hotline at (312) 248 3457 💖😛💖💌