Diary of my Glow Up 💌🌈💗 By Annie Hex & Marissa Harris


"THE COLLAB YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR" AS MARISSA PUT IT THIS MORNING OVER COFFEE. ☕💗 Marissa Harris @owl14 is illustrated and collaborated with yours truly, Annie Hex on this brand new zine called "diary of my glow up." 💖☀️⚡🌟💌💘

I want to get every creative I know a copy of this zine. 💌💌💌 It's a workbook + coloring book for breaking through your creative blocks with compassion so that you can go out + do all the big dreamy things that some assholes told you weren't possible. 💖

I wrote this as a little annie hex guide to doing whatever the hell you wanna + glowing up + living that big dreamy life: authentic in your desires + dedicated to unblocking and freeing yourself so you can free others. 💌💖🌈💘🦄📓

I am probably the most stubborn + relentless person you will ever meet. I refuse to take a conventional route that would compromise the integrity of the walking rainbow I am. 🌈🦄💘 I don't put on the monkey suit + whenever I did in the past- I was depressed beyond belief. 😛 I look very bad in khakis + "appropriate lipstick." 🦄🌈💘 I'll keep my lips purple, thank you very much. 💜💋💄I think if anything this pandemic has me reprioritizing what really matters- for me that's connection, community, + the spaces where we don't gotta water a damn thing down. 🌊🌈🦄🌟👽🌌

This zine will have you reprioritizing + organizing your dreams + big ideas. 🌈💖 It will have you thinking about that BIG thing you came to this earth to do + it'll get you into action. 💖📓 This zine has you setting goals + congratulating yourself on how you've already glown up. 💖 It gives you space to brag + space to plan out all your next big moves.

Strategic planning can restore your hope in humanity + the world at large. It can kick the covid blues. 💖🌈 Hope is the fuel that charges us up + forward, you know? We are stronger when we shine + share that shine. 💖🌈⚡🌟 Now is the time to energize our visions of the most hopeful future we can create together. Breakthrough all your heavy blocks cause the world needs whatchu got to bring to the table. Use this book as your own diary. Write out your glowup and supercharge your dreams so we can glowup the planet. ⚡🌎☀️💖 The illustrations by @owl14 brought this beauty to LIFE + we hope it brings you all the magic you need rn. 💖