🍒💋 Cherry Emoji Box of the Month 💋🍒

On sale $24.00

Order your cherry emoji box by Annie Hex & Marissa Harris to kick off your hot girl summer right. 💋🍒☀️💌🌈

What You'll Get:
-A Copy of our "Diary of my Glow Up" zine
-Two Sparkly Starbust Colored Cherry Pins
(one for you, one for your bff)
-A Bottle of Glow Up Glitz Mist (gold body shimmer spray)
*dream scented (lavender & orange & geranium)
*unscented by request! 🌙🍒🔮☁️
-A Handrawn Cherry Card by Marissa to send to your bestie
-A Handpicked Cherry Flavored Playlist

🍒💋 cherry emoji boxes 💋🍒 they're as hot + sweet as they look. 💌💘🍒💋 I started making emoji of the month apothecary subscription boxes. Each month, we'll have boxes of new apothecary treats themed around an emoji & you can buy 'em as you vibe with them vs. having another reoccurring monthly charge. 🍒😛💋

I teamed up with @owl14 to bring you this beauty. THE LIMITED EDITION CHERRY EMOJI BOX. 💋🍒💋 It includes our new "diary of my glow up" zine, a handdrawn cherry card by marissa, a dream scented glow glitz mist (aka a body shimmer spray to make you feel hot in your fav mask), starburst-colored sparkly cherry pins, + a handpicked cherry playlist. 🍒💋🍒

we wanna get these limited edition boxes to good homes so get your ordering game on. Buy one for you, buy one for your bestie. 🍒💋😛 I can totally ship one to you + one straight to your bestie need be just DM me + we'll make a plan! 😍🥰🍒💋 They come in these hot pink boxes that look like they should have donuts from a feminist bakery in 'em. 🍒💋🍒💋🍒🌈💌

go ahead, let us make your day + make ours- be the reason we sell out of these pretty, limited edition babies that we are seriously so stoked to share with y'all. 🍒🍒🍒🍒